Energy Efficient Ovens – Do They Really Help?

Most appliance repair professionals recommend energy efficient appliances, and an electric Oven is no different. You can cut your energy cooking costs, by using energy efficient appliances. So make the most of your oven and don’t let inefficiency affect your pocket! Here are some techniques which can help to maximise your appliance efficiency.

Multi tasking

Your oven probably has a decent amount of cooking space and a selection of racks and settings. Make the most of your oven by cooking multiple dishes at the same time. Racks can be moved according to accommodate most food types, shapes and weights. If you want to cook your food more quickly then place that food on higher certain racks to accommodate this. The first rack is meant for fast cooking and high temperatures, the second and last rack is used for moderate and slow temperatures. Instead of waiting for a fully pre-heated oven, use that time to warm up dishes, maybe for baking? A simple chart of what you want, and when you want it by will help get the most from your oven!


Regular maintenance can improve energy costs and maximise oven energy efficiency. Keeping your oven clean can direct the heat to your food without burning it. Oven cleaning also ensures saving energy and can cut down the cost of your cleaning products. This can make your home smell like what is cooking instead of what is burning!

Follow professional advice

Using your oven on the regular basis can cause many problems, so use it carefully. Clean your oven regularly after use and when possible use aluminium foil to stop fat dripping. This will not only reduce your cleaning time but also stop strong smoke smells. Money saving tip – turn off the oven before the designated time, your oven will remain at the same temperature and your food can continue to bake until it cools down.